Paratrooper Upton S . Peters 82nd Airborne 325 glider Infantry Regiment


Some years ago, my son and I, adopted the grave of Private Upton S. Peters situated at the American Military Cemetary at Henri-Chapelle.( Belgium )
He was a former Paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division 325th Glider Infantry Regiment.

Badly hurt during the battle of Bastogne (Werbomont) he died three days later on the 3th januari 1945.

A few months after our request for adoption, a certificat was delivered by Henri-Chapelle but without any specific information about Pvt Upton S. Peters.

So, we started a search on our own.

First, a letter was send to the “National Archive and Record Centre in Washington D.C.”
Several months later, a copy of his file was obtained, giving us some more information about his military service and descent.

The only missing part was a picture…and what about other familymembers…are there any still alive?Searching for a long time, on all kind of different places such as veteran websites, American friends and departments, it started to look like the famous “needle in a haystack”.

On one day, a good friend of mine, decided to give some help on this matter.After a couple of weeks, and after many mails, things started to become more clearly.
A WW2 casualtylist, sorted by state, was found on which the name of Upton S. Peters was detected as a Former resident of Okaloosa County Valpareiso City.A most positive answer came to us after a rather occasional contact with the Heritage Museum in Valpareiso.

Miss Carol Visalpatara, Staffmember, mailed us that a brother and a nephew of Upton lived in Niceville (Okaloosa County), that she had contacted them and that a picture was on the way.

As from that time, things started really well.A picture, of which we where all very pleased, was transmitted by the good care of Miss Visalpatara.

A first mail from my son Erwin to the family obtained immediate response.As from that moment, Carlton’s son ,Stan ,started to get in touch with us more frequently.No need to say that the family was very pleased that the adoption of a grave of a deceased familymember, thousends of miles from his homestead,was made and was taking care of by a familie Peters, and that respect was payed towards the brave soldier and his comrades in arms on occasions such as Memorial Day. (7.993 in Henry-Chapelle)

After all, they fought for our freedom.

Some more information about the other brothers of Upton became also available.

Two more brothers are still alive, age 93 and 91, and in very good physical condition.Together with a deceased brother, t hey all served in WW2. (Navy and Army)A few days later, the North West Florida Daily News wanted to write a story on this matter and asked for our co-operation.

This was on special request from the Peters family in Niceville

93 year old Carlton Peters told the whole story about his brother Upton who died in the battle of BastogneA complete story with pictures was front page news in the local paper a few days later.
(See attachment)

Lou Peters.

With gratitude to
Carlton P. Peters his son Stan and his family
Niceville, Florida

Miss Carol Visalpatara
Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida

Miss Wendy Victora
Northwest Florida Daily News

My son Erwin
For his help and hold on

My good friend Jan for his help
Winksele ( Belgium


Picture bellow  Stan and Sheron Peters visit the Memorial Day Henri-Chapelle ( Belgium )

May 2008

  • Erwin and Inge visit the family Peters to Niccville Valparaiso ( Florida )

Stan Peters and Sheron visit te Memorial Day Henri-Chapelle ( Belgium May 2008

Lou visited with his jeep Henri-Chapelle Cemetery

Miss Carol Visalpatara, Staffmember, mailed us that a brother and a nephew of Upton lived in Niceville (Okaloosa County), that she had contacted them and that a picture was on the way.